Services We Provide

Surcharge audit
Surcharge audit every line item, invoice or SKU for hauler compliance. Audit includes verification of rate increases; surcharges; CPI adherence; DOE monthly regional fuel indexes; recycling indexes; state/local taxes, environmental fees; admin charges; recovery fees; excess disposal; container use fees and others.

Review your current operations
Review your current operations. If the client wishes, we will assess equipment/services to develop an
in-depth understanding of your unique service needs. We offer on-site surveys and our proprietary
spreadsheet analysis for clients who have volume and efficiency concerns.

Identify opportunities
Identify opportunities to reduce costs by applying our knowledge of the latest technologies,
transportation systems, container alternatives, frequency control, disposal alternatives, commodity
pricing for any recycling materials and negotiating more feasible profit levels for the hauling

2020 Platform
2020 Platform, This EWS Platform is a database of all our vendors and discounts that we are able to
extend to our customers based on our relationships. 20,000 successful audits/clients offer valuable
knowledge and buying leverage.

Present recommendations and an estimate of savings/refunds for approval
Present recommendations and an estimate of savings/refunds for approval. Your Division will fully
understand and approve recommendations presented by our organization.

Implement the plan and secure refunds and savings
Implement the plan and secure refund/s and savings. We fully implement the recommendations
once approved.

Monitor the plan
Monitor the plan. For the length of the agreement, we monitor/audit the operations of the
implemented waste management plan, insuring that standards are maintained, errors and overcharges
are identified and corrected, and that the expected savings are being achieved.

Provide monthly reports showing continuing results
Provide monthly reports showing continuing results. Each month, we provide a detailed report
showing the actual savings being achieved as a result of SAV-ON services.

SAV-ON has detailed knowledge of varied waste streams for clients including food waste, landscape waste,medical waste, paper waste, metal scrap, wood scrap, special waste streams, bio-hazardous waste streams,liquid waste, manufacturing waste and of course, standard municipal trash.

SAV-ON is an independent waste management consulting firm and we do not own an interest in any hauling companies nor landfills, nor do we stand to profit by directing hauling or recycling business to any particular company. This is an important fact because true independent advice can only come from companies unencumbered by such relationships.

SAV-ON only gets compensated if we procure refunds and savings results.