About Us

SAV-ON Waste Solutions is a waste management consulting company with detailed knowledge of varied waste streams for clients including food waste, landscape waste, medical waste, paper waste, metal scrap, wood scrap, special waste streams, bio-hazardous waste streams, liquid waste, manufacturing waste and of course, standard municipal trash.  SAV-ON Waste Solutions also acts as a professional Waste Broker when negotiating beneficial hauling agreements for its clients. 

SAV-ON is an independent waste management consulting firm and we do not own an interest in any hauling companies nor landfills, nor do we stand to profit by directing hauling or recycling business to any particular company. This is an important fact because true independent advice can only come from companies unencumbered by such relationships.

Working with Our Waste Solution Company

SAV-ON only gets compensated if we procure refunds and savings results.

  • We evaluate recycling options that save you money.
  • We find billing errors and overcharges.
  • We review equipment and processes that can be improved to save you money.
  • We can secure below market pricing.
  • We have done over 20,000 successful audits.
  • We have a degree in Environmental Restoration and Waste Management.
  • Linked are the FAQs and Summary of Services and Testimonials