Both a Trash Recycling Audit and a Trash Expense Audit are commonly referred to as a “Trash Audit” or Solid Waste Review, but they are two completely different analytical events.

The Trash Recycling Audit is intended to increase recycling at a business and ultimately send less trash/refuse to the landfill. Not only is it a green project worthy of boasting, but it can reduce a company’s overhead for trash disposal expenses and increase your yearly revenues. To complete a Recycling Audit you can perform the dumpster-diving investigation yourself or hire a consultant to perform the task. No one is going to jump into you dumpster for free so be prepared to pay a professional for this service. Be sure to review the www.recyclingatwork.org DIY audit guide on our web site.

The Trash Expense Audit is commonly referred to as a “Trash Audit” as well. This detailed line item audit is offered by SAV-ON Waste Solutions and is risk free to the client since SAV-ON’s fee is contingent on securing billing error refunds and monthly savings for the client. SAV-ON is simply paid a portion of the savings they procure for the client so no new out of pocket capitol is ever required.

Trash, recycling and medical waste disposal invoices fluctuate significantly each month based on confusing hauler rate structures that adjust monthly based on market indexes such as the Consumer Price Index, DOT Regional Fuel Indexes, Recycling Indexes, etc. Spreadsheet analysis is often used to determine if your monthly invoices is accurate. The Trash Expense Audit will also look at all other line item charges such as overfill, container use, surcharges, recovery, environmental, late fees, state and local taxes, none use, landfill, and many more.

With a degree in Environmental Restoration and Waste Management, Brandon Siegfried, President at SAV-ON Waste Solutions is also an EWS certified consultant. When it comes to billing errors and securing best in class pricing, fact based reporting is key. SAV-ON’s database of over 20,000 successful audits is unmatched in the industry.

If you are considering a Recycling Audit or Trash Expense Audit be sure contact SAV-ON Waste Solutions today.

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