Single Stream Recycling, Dual Stream Recycling and Limited Commingled Recycling

What is the difference between Single Stream Recycling, Dual Stream Recycling and Limited Commingled Recycling?   They are better than the alternative (landfill), but some refuse haulers only offer certain types of recycling, so its important to know the difference.  Recycling can save your company money by reducing overhead, and its good for the environment.   Have you ever conducted a Trash Materials Audit  (Trash Audit) to figure out what percentage of your garbage is recyclable, SAV-ON Waste Solutions can help you perform an in-house trash audit at no expense. 

 What is dual-stream recycling?

This generally means that business owners keep paper materials in one container and other recyclable, like plastic, glass and metal in another container.  Occasionally you will see multiple individual containers for each recyclable material such as; glass, plastics #1 – 7, aluminum, #10 steel cans, and paper.  Source separated recycling is the process of separating materials by type at the point of discard so they can be recycled.

What is single-stream recycling?

Single-stream recycling is exactly what it sounds like.  Rather than sorting recyclables, businesses place everything into the one recycling tote or dumpster.  Proponents of single-stream recycling say that it makes recycling easier to do. And when recycling is easier, more people may participate.  Ultimately raising recycling rates and increasing the amount of materials that are diverted from the landfill by as much as 20%.  In single-stream recycling, mixed recyclable materials travel together (separately from trash) in one stream to a sorting facility.

What is Limited Single Stream or Limited Commingled Recycling?

 Limited single stream recycling (limited commingled recycling) is the process of limiting one or two recyclable materials from a single stream recycling program.  The most common example of this is when paper materials are not allowed within a single stream recycling container.    So, its Single Stream recycling, hold the mayo.